University Museums

Sorted AscendingTitleDateMakerMedium Object Number
1-2-3 plate (AKA Sitting Dog pattern)1891-1930King, Son and CompanyClear non-leaded glass.UM2012.292
Argus pattern (AKA Thumbprint, Concave Ashburton)1865-1875Bakewell, Pears & CompanyClear pressed glassUM2012.342
Bleeding Heart (King No. 85 Floral)1875King, Son and CompanyGlass, clear pressedUM2016.798
Bleeding Heart pattern (AKA King's Floral Ware, New Floral)c. 1875King, Son and CompanyGlass, clear pressedUM2016.613
Bleeding Hearts pattern (AKA King's Floral Ware, New Floral)1875-1898United States Glass CompanyClear presed glassUM2004.44
Picket Fence pattern (AKA Picket)1880-1892King, Son and CompanyGlass, clear pressedUM2016.837