University Museums

Sorted AscendingTitleDateMakerMedium Object Number
9th Avenue1959Priscilla Kepner SageFabric, yarn, and found objects. Machine and hand stitched fabric and threadsU2012.358
Media File Bright Burst1966Priscilla Kepner SageYarns, fabric and wood beadsUM2018.204
Candy Spiral1979Priscilla Kepner SageSilver Mylar fabric and disperse dyesU2012.365
Media File Diagonal Path 11985Priscilla Kepner SageDyed and quilted fabricsMUAC2013.262
Earth and Sky1964Priscilla Kepner SageCheesecloth, fiber, clay, and dye.U2012.360
Earth Texture1965Priscilla Kepner SageFabric, fiber, batik, and bones. Hand stitched.U2012.361
Flora Forest1999Priscilla Kepner SagePainted acrylic fabric, wood, machine and hand stitchedU2005.302
Footed Red1971Priscilla Kepner SageFabric. Machine and hand stitched.U2012.363
Forest Flora 111999Priscilla Kepner SageSilver Mylar fabric, disperse dyes, wood, and acrylicU2012.375
Forest Flora 61999Priscilla Kepner SageSilver Mylar fabric, disperse dyes, wood, and acrylicU2012.371