University Museums

Sorted AscendingTitleDateMakerMedium Object Number
Bead Swag pattern (AKA Beaded Base)1897-1905A. H. Heisey and Co.Glass, clear pressed with gold flashingUM2013.801
Beaded Swag patternc.1889A. H. Heisey and Co.Milk glassUM2004.75
BowlA. H. Heisey and Co.Glass, clear pressed92.469
CandelabraA. H. Heisey and Co.GlassUM2012.36a-aaaaaaa
Colonial pattern1897-1900A. H. Heisey and Co.GlassUM2013.873
CompoteA. H. Heisey and Co.Glass, clear pressedUM2016.902
Crystolite pattern1937-1957A. H. Heisey and Co.Glass, clearum96.153
Crystolite pattern (#1503)1930-1957A. H. Heisey and Co.Glass and brassUM2002.59ab
Domino patternA. H. Heisey and Co.Clear leaded cut glassUM2015.191
Domino pattern (AKA Heisey #473, Dice, Narrow Flute)1915-1933Andrew J. SanfordPressed Glass-clearum97.122ab