University Museums

Sorted DescendingTitleDateMakerMedium Object Number
Winged Scroll pattern (AKA Ivorina Verde)1888-1905A. H. Heisey and Co.Non-flint "Ivorina Verde" (greenish uranium milk glass) with gold giltUM2007.188a-f
Sunburst pattern1903-1913A. H. Heisey and Co.GlassUM2013.867
Sunburst (OMN: Heisey No. 343 1/2)c. 1903-1920A. H. Heisey and Co.Non-flint clear glassUM2004.74
Ridgeleigh patternA. H. Heisey and Co.GlassUM2013.797
Recessed Panel pattern (AKA Heisey #465)1915-1932Westmoreland Glass Co.GlassUM97.149ab
Puritan pattern (OMN: Heisey No. 341 1/2; AKA: Colonial)1904-1957A. H. Heisey and Co.Glass, clear pressedum96.173
Priscilla (OMN: Heisey No. 351)1905A. H. Heisey and Co.Non-flint clear pressed glass with silver overlayUM2004.83ab
Prince of Wales Plumes pattern (AKA Flambeaux)1900A. H. Heisey and Co.Non-flint pressed glass with gold gildUM2004.72
Prince of Wales Plume pattern (AKA Flamebeaux)1900A. H. Heisey and Co.Pressed glass, clear with gold flashingUM2013.398
Plain Band pattern (AKA Sawtooth Bands, Bulging Bands, No. 1225)1898-1910A. H. Heisey and Co.Glass, clear pressedUM2018.72