University Museums

Sorted AscendingTitleDateMakerMedium Object Number
King's Crown pattern (AKA XLCR, Excelsior, Thumbprint and Clear)c. 1880Adams & CompanyClear non-flint pressed glassUM2009.60
Liberty Bell patternc. 1876Adams & CompanyClear non-flint glassUM2014.282
Liberty Bell pattern (AKA Centennial 1876)c. 1876Adams & CompanyGlass, pressed, clear3.15.18
Liberty Bell pattern (AKA Gillinder’s Centennial)1875Adams & CompanyGlass, clear non-flintUM2013.838
Liberty Bell pattern (AKA Gillinder's Centennial)1875Adams & Companyclear non-flint pressed glassUM2009.174
Moon and Star pattern (AKA Star and Punty, Bullseye and Star, Palace)1870-1942Adams & CompanyGlass, clear pressedUM2013.830
Pineapple and Fan pattern (AKA Holbrook, Shephard's Plaid, Cube with Fan, Pseduo-Czarina, Cube and Diamond, Diamond Block and Fan, Milton Cube and Fan)1880'sAdams & CompanyNon-flint clear pressed glassUM2006.86
Plume pattern1890-1891Adams & CompanyClear non-flint pressed glass.UM2009.31
Plume pattern1891-1915Indiana Glass CompanyGlass, clear non-flint pressedUM2013.856
Plume pattern (Adams No. 3)1891-1898Adams & CompanyClear, non-flint glassUM2007.187a-f