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Search Help and Tips

Ways to search the collection

Online Collection - The Online Collection is grouped by collecting areas in the permanent collection. Objects are continually being added to the Online Collection.

Makers - Find makers (artists, manufacturers, studios, foundries, publishers, and designers) featured in the Online Collection organized alphabetically by last name. Makers page.

Quick search - Search the collection by typing in a keyword such as part of the artist name or title. All objects matching the keyword(s) anywhere in the object records will appear in the results. If nothing appears, please check your spelling. Place quote marks around words to be searched as a phrase, in the exact order you type them. If you only know partial information, use an * in place of a full search term. Examples: Peters*n will pull up both Peterson and Petersen, Japan* will pull up both Japan and Japanese.

Advanced Search - The Advanced Search option allows you to search on specific types of information using multiple criteria to narrow down your search results. See Quick Search above for helpful tips.

Ways to view the collection

There are three ways to view records. At the top of the page you can change from one view to another.

Light Box View - Browse objects by images. Click on the image to see an enlarged Detail View (when available).

List View - Browse objects in a list with the title, date, artist, medium, and a small image. Sort the list by clicking on the column header. Click on an image to see the Detail View.

Detail View - See a larger image (where available) of an individual object and all currently available public information.