University Museums

Title:Abraham Lincoln
Maker:Gillinder & Sons
Medium:Clear frosted pressed glass
Object Number:UM2010.83

Abraham Lincoln
Gillinder & Sons

Maker:Buckeye Glass Co.
Medium:Glass, opaque pink and white, pressed; pewter
Object Number:UM2016.824

Buckeye Glass Co.

Title:Acorn Band pattern
Maker:Portland Glass Company
Date:c. 1870s
Medium:Non-flint clear glass
Object Number:UM2007.186

Acorn Band pattern
Portland Glass Company

Title:Admiral Dewey pattern
Medium:Pressed milk glass with paint
Object Number:UM2005.352
Title:Admiral Dewey pattern (AKA Spanish American War)
Maker:Beatty-Brady Glass Company
Date:c. 1889
Medium:Clear non-flint pressed glass.
Object Number:UM2008.30
Title:Adonis pattern (AKA Gonterman Swirl)
Maker:Aetna Glass and Manufacturing Company
Medium:Clear aqua non-flint glass applied atop clear frosted pattern glass.
Object Number:UM2013.666

Adonis pattern (AKA Gonterman Swirl)
Aetna Glass and Manufacturing Company

Title:Aetna #300 pattern
Maker:Aetna Glass and Manufacturing Company
Medium:Dark green non-flint pressed glass
Object Number:UM2007.200

Aetna #300 pattern
Aetna Glass and Manufacturing Company

Title:Alabama pattern
Maker:United States Glass Company
Date:c. 1899
Medium:Non-flint clear pressed glass
Object Number:UM2005.57

Alabama pattern
United States Glass Company

Title:Alabama pattern
Maker:U.S. Glass Co
Medium:Glass, clear pressed
Object Number:UM2016.808

Alabama pattern
U.S. Glass Co