University Museums

Medium:Clear non-flint pressed glass
Object Number:UM2009.81

Maker:Bakewell, Pears & Company
Medium:Clear leaded glass
Object Number:UM2012.302

Bakewell, Pears & Company

Medium:Clear glass
Object Number:UM2012.304

Medium:Clear non-leaded glass
Object Number:UM2014.156

Date:Late 1800s
Object Number:UM2014.188a-e

Title:#8 Fan Plate
Maker:Adams & Company
Medium:Clear non-flint glass
Object Number:UM2011.449

#8 Fan Plate
Adams & Company

Title:1-2-3 plate (AKA Sitting Dog pattern)
Maker:King, Son and Company
Medium:Clear non-leaded glass.
Object Number:UM2012.292
Title:ABC pattern
Maker:Iowa City Flint Glass Co.
Medium:Non-flint clear pressed glass
Object Number:UM2005.65

ABC pattern
Iowa City Flint Glass Co.

Title:ABC pattern (AKA Alphabet pattern, Frosted Stork or Crane)
Maker:Iowa City Flint Glass Co.
Medium:Non-flint clear and frosted pressed glass.
Object Number:UM2008.26