University Museums

Title:Woman Sitting on the Ground
Maker:Christian Petersen
Medium:Paper and charcoal
Object Number:um92.291

Woman Sitting on the Ground
Christian Petersen

Title:Woman Sitting with Arms Around Legs
Maker:Christian Petersen
Medium:Paper; colored pencil
Object Number:um92.376
Title:Woman with Child
Maker:Christian Petersen
Medium:Paper and brown pencil
Object Number:um92.322

Woman with Child
Christian Petersen

Title:Woman with Feet in Stream
Maker:Christian Petersen
Medium:Paper; black and colored pencil
Object Number:um92.56

Woman with Feet in Stream
Christian Petersen

Title:Woman with Mobile
Maker:Cornelis Ruhtenberg
Date:c. 2007
Medium:Acrylic on linen
Object Number:UM2015.33

Woman with Mobile
Cornelis Ruhtenberg

Title:Woman with Three Children
Maker:Christian Petersen
Medium:Paper; black graphite or conte
Object Number:um92.277

Woman with Three Children
Christian Petersen

Title:Woodland scene
Maker:Dwight Kirsch
Object Number:UM93.31

Woodland scene
Dwight Kirsch

Title:Woods, Meadow, and Fence
Maker:Gary Bowling
Medium:Oil on canvas
Object Number:U2001.80
Title:Wounded Veteran
Maker:Christian Petersen
Date:c. 1950
Medium:Black conte on paper
Object Number:um92.232

Wounded Veteran
Christian Petersen