University Museums

TitleSorted DescendingDateMakerMedium Object Number
Basket1920-1940possibly bear grass, hazelnut shoots, maidenhair fern, tree roots, pigment74.32.178
Magazine Pedestal Standc. 1908-15RoycroftWhite oak wood74.33.1
Man of the North Windc. 1900Wood85.11.1
Pie Safe1890-1899Pine76.41.2
Love Seat or Courting Couch1880-1890Wood, Fabric85.1.2
Crazy Quiltc. 1881Lydia Carver StarkFabric86.4.1
Taxidermy case with specimens1870-1880Lucy Parker Field Kimball77.50.2
Castor set1870-1915Homan Silver Plate Co.Bottles are non-flint clear glass.UM2007.177a-k
Farm House Museumc. 18602001.1.1
Dean Charles F. CurtissRobert Wadsworth GraftonOil on canvas80.22.3