University Museums

Sorted AscendingTitleDateMakerMedium Object Number
Winged Scroll pattern (AKA Ivorina Verde)1888-1905A. H. Heisey and Co.Non-flint "Ivorina Verde" (greenish uranium milk glass) with gold giltUM2007.188a-f
Wisconsin pattern (AKA Beaded Dewdrop)1903United States Glass CompanyClear glassUM2004.24
Wooden Pail pattern (aka Oaken Bucket, Bucket Set)1880's and after 1891Bryce, Higbee, and CompanyCanary yellow, non-flint glassUM2007.178
Wooden Pail pattern (AKA Oaken Bucket, Bucket Set)1880-1891Bryce, Higbee, and CompanyNon-flint amethyst glassUM2007.185
World pattern (AKA Terrestrial Globe pattern)1876O'Hara Glass CompanyClear, non-flint glass.UM2007.194ab
World's Fair patternc. 1904Westmoreland Glass Co.Pressed glassUM2005.43
Wyoming pattern (AKA Enigma)1903United States Glass CompanyNon-flint clear glassUM2005.281
X-Ray pattern1896-1898Riverside Glass WorksNon-flint emerald green pressed glass with gold flashingUM2006.97
X-Ray pattern1896Riverside Glass WorksEmerald green non-flint pressed glass with gold flashed decorationUM2013.661
Yoke Band patternEarly 1890'sNon-flint clear pressed glassUM2006.89