University Museums

Sorted AscendingTitleDateMakerMedium Object Number
Zipper Slash pattern1894George Duncan and SonsGlass, clear pressed, and Silverum96.121ab
Zipper Slash patternglass, clear pressed, brassum96.139ab
Zipper Slash pattern1894George Duncan and Sonsglassum96.99
Zipper Slash pattern1894Duncan Miller Glass CompanyYellow stained clear glassUM2013.429
Zippered Block pattern (AKA Cryptic)1890-1891Duncan & Miller Glass Companyglass, clear pressedum96.110
Zippered Block pattern (OMN Duncan and Sons No. 90, AKA Open Cryptic)1890-1891Duncan & Miller Glass Companyclear glass, rubly flashUM2013.426
Zippered Heart pattern1904-1929Imperial Glass Companyglass, clear pressedum96.117
Zodiac pattern1950-1959Westmoreland Glass Co.Glass, pressed3.15.19